Artwork guidelines

Whenever we make a logo mat for you, we will send a proof for you to approve prior to production. This will ensure that the mat we make matches just what you had in mind.

Keep an eye on your inbox as our artwork doesn’t take very long and your swift response / approval will ensure that we are able to put your mat into production without delay.

Here are a few tips for what to consider when reviewing your artwork proof:

1.       Heading Image of Artwork Proof

When viewing the main artwork image, please note that this is a graphical representation only, the colours and elements of the logo being displayed use screen colours to represent the final product. Colours vary from screen to screen and will look different on the final printed product.

If unsure about colours or a precise colour match is critical for you, please request and refer to our physical sample swatches which we will happily send out free of charge.

If you are ordering a ProBrandPlus Logo Mat for outdoors, the graphical representation does not include the drainage holes on the artwork proof. Ensure when ordering you select use for indoors if you do not require drainage holes.

2.       Colours

Colours refer to the individual references we use for the elements of your logo mat.

When viewing the colour boxes on the artwork proof, ensure these are the correct colours for your mat. The colours we use correspond to the closest RGB values to the finished product, however as described above due to screen limitations colours will look slightly different on the final printed product.

3.       Size and Dimensions

Ensure that the Artwork Proof details the correct size and orientation of your logo mat.  If this is incorrect inform us when you receive the proof. All finished mats will be sized to industry standard with a 3% +/- variance in sizing.

4.       Matting Type

Matting ‘type’ refers to the material in which the mat will be produced on. Ensure the matting type is correct as per your order when viewing the proof.

This will be either ‘Proband2 Carpet Logo Mat’ ‘ProBrandPlus Logo Mat, ‘DirtGuard Rubber Logo Mat’ or ‘Craftmax Inlay Coir’.

5.       Please Note

Please read our ‘Please Note’ section on the artwork proof as this will help to advise what to expect from your finished mat and may include critical information.

6.       What to do next

This section will help to advise you on how best to proceed. Including requesting samples, changing design colours in your proof, and the next steps that will be taken once you have approved your artwork.

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything when reviewing your proof, please contact your account manager or call us on 020 8183 0142. We’ll be very happy to advise you. We want to ensure that we get every order right first time.