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Eco friendly mats

Eco Friendly Mats for businesses, specially designed for commercial use. Heavy duty mats to withstand wear and tear. Ready for rapid dispatch to you today.


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    Eco Friendly Mats care for the planet and your premises. Eco friendly mats for businesses have an increasingly important part of our range. we are always on the lookout for the latest innovations and are proud to have several products with great eco credentials.

    Some of our eco friendly mats are made from entirely recycled materials. One is made from recycled plastic bottles saving thousands of them from going to landfill.

    Many of our rubber mats are made from recycled rubber too and are fully recyclable at the end of their life.

    Wherever we can find eco friendly mats we will stock them and we are constantly pushing our suppliers to increase the range of options.
    The quality of our products is another reason why they are such eco friendly mats. Much of the carbon footprint of a product comes from the initial production and shipping. By creating extremely durable and commercial grade products that will stand the test of time we ensure that they do not need to be replaced frequently. As a result, buying one quality mat and keeping it for a while can prevent the waste created when poor quality alternatives are selected.

    At The Business Mat People we have years of experience of recommending eco friendly mats for all types of businesses. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships. In fact many of our clients come back to us time and again. This is one reason that you can trust our advice. We don’t want to just make one sale we want to develop a long term business relationship with you.

    Our dedicated account management team are available Monday to Friday from 9 till 5:00 PM to answer your questions and provide advice. Feel free to call us today we love to hear from you.