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CraftMax Inlay Synthetic Coir Logo Mat

  • Design won't wear off
  • Hand Made
  • Use in Mat Well
  • Indoor Use
  • Traditional Look
  • Intricate Designs
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CraftMax Inlay Synthetic Coir Logo Mat

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    A synthetic-coir logo mat is the best choice if you have an indoor mat well and want to create a traditional look but don’t have the 17mm clearance required for natural coir. At only 10mm thick these mats are great when you have a very shallow mat well or tight door clearance. The synthetic coir pile also gives a very crisp finish to the logo design too.

    Each one is individually handcrafted to order in our UK workshops. We lovingly recreate your logo design in your chosen colours of man-made coir. These pieces are individually cut out and inlaid into the backing coir. Then they are fastened securely into place. This results in a very long-lasting synthetic-coir logo mat that you will feel proud to have to adorn your entrance.

    For Indoor Use

    For Indoor Use only, these mats should ideally be placed in a mat well or recess to protect the edges. They are supplied slightly oversized so that you can trim to fit on-site and ensure that there are no unsightly gaps. This is easy to do and we provide a fitting guide to help you. We can cut these mats to an exact size, but do not recommend it as mat wells are invariably never straight!

    As this material is thinner than natural coir there is less risk of damage to the edging if the mat is loose laid, but we still do not recommend it.
    Our custom synthetic logo mats take around 15 working days to produce from artwork approval. We are sometimes able to offer an express service if you need it quicker. Just call to ask on 020 8183 0142.

    Why an Inlaid Synthetic-Coir Logo Mat?

    Because it lasts! Our customers trust us to provide a quality product that will stand the test of time. By using the Inlay method to make our synthetic-coir logo mat we can be sure that the design will last for as long as the mat.

    Can I buy a printed coir logo mat from you?

    No. In a commercial environment the footfall is too heavy for a printed logo mat to cope. Printed mats just print on the top of coir and don’t penetrate far in. Hence, they wear away relatively quickly, where as our CraftMax Inlay colours are throughout and the logo lasts as long as the mat itself.
    We take pride in making products that will look good for years to come. If we supplied printed coir logo mats we wouldn’t feel confident in their longevity so we choose not to sell them.

    What colours are available?

    The colour choices for our Synthetic Coir Mats are more restricted than with our other logo mats. This is because synthetic coir is simply not made in such a wide array of colours. It doesn’t stop us making beautiful looking mats though. The colours of coir you can choose from are Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Natural, Navy, Red, Slate, Yellow. Take a look through our gallery to see some of the amazing designs we have created.

    If you’re not sure what to choose or the synthetic coir colours are not close enough to your brand colours, the traditional look which often works best of all is to have a natural coir background with the logo in black. All good logos are designed to work in black as well as colour, and this stylish colour combination is usually the perfect way to keep to your brand guidelines whilst delivering a beautiful inlaid logo mat, no matter how intricate the design.

    Need help choosing the Best Synthetic-Coir Logo Mat for you?

    Talk to one of our account managers on 020 8183 0142. We are a very friendly team and very knowledgeable about all things mat related. We never pressure you, just seek to understand your business and then recommend the best product for your needs. This may be a synthetic coir logo mat, or it could be another product from our range.

    Want more info?

    Take a look at our downloads tab for our synthetic-coir logo mat factsheet pack, including colour chart and care guides. If you need advice don’t forget to get in touch.