How do anti fatigue mats work?

Written by...Anna Parkinson 04/10/2022

Anti fatigue mats are an essential part of businesses where employees spend extensive amounts of time on their feet and working standing. There are of course health benefits associated with a more active job, working in such a job can cause issues for both the employee and then subsequently the business.

Working on your feet can be tiring

Employees working on their feet will begin to lose concentration after around an hour, and begin to fatigue after an hour and a half in situations like when stood up at a till for extended periods, as per a recent Loughborough University study. Furthermore, as a result of this fatigue and injury build up, the Office for National Statistics suggest that around 25% of all employee sickness absences are caused by back, leg or foot pain.

How do they work?

Anti Fatigue mats work by stimulating muscle contractions with the multiple padded domes on their surface. This promotes movement in the feet and body, improved posture and stimulates blood flow.

The domes also cause small, regular changes in standing position to prevent, and relieve existing, pressure build-up in specific areas and joint stiffness. When walking on an anti fatigue mat, the shock usually created is mostly absorbed. This reduces foot pressure, fatigue, and the likelihood of injury build up over time.

Keep your team comfortable and productive.

As a result of their design, and the positive impacts that they have on the bodies of employees who use them, anti fatigue mats massively help to reduce and prevent a build up of pain and injuries. These impacts left unchecked can prove costly to employees and the business itself. Our range of Anti Fatigue Mats will help to keep your team comfortable and productive. Designed for heavy-duty commercial use in mind.

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