The importance of anti slip matting

Written by...Anna Parkinson 04/10/2021

The importance of Anti Slip matting cannot be understated. The Health and Safety Executive suggest that slips and falls are the leading causes of injury at the workplace. This of course has the knock on effect of costing businesses productivity, money and even costly lawsuits. All of which could be avoided simply by using anti slip matting in areas where moisture regularly finds its way onto the floor. This doesn’t have to just be in an entrance, it could be near refrigeration units, in a work kitchen, or by a water fountain for example.

If you have a mat currently that is slipping, purchasing anti slip underlay as a temporary, budget solution can work. However, this will not be suitable for all scenarios. There is no substitute for a purpose made anti slip mat made to your specifications for protecting your workers and customers/ clients. Allow us to make this easy for you.

How Do Anti Slip Mats Work?

  • Anti slip mats work by capturing water and debris with drainage holes, blades, or absorbent material which remove moisture and dirt from the mat surface. This prevents the user from standing on the elements that cause slips directly.
  • Furthermore, these textured surfaces that help to funnel moisture and dirt away from the surface also help to provide increased grip underfoot by creating more friction.
  • Our anti slip mats are composed of quality materials, making them suitably hard wearing to prevent physical and chemical breakdown with repeated high volume usage to protect your workers and business from damaging but avoidable slips and falls. Many of our anti slip mats are also certified as High Traction by National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).
  • The backing of the mat is also crucial for whether it is fit for purpose as an anti slip mat. We create our mats with an appropriate non slip backing to match the flooring of the desired area of use.

Choosing an Anti Slip Mat

When selecting an anti slip mat for your workplace, choose one that best suits its intended purpose. For example, a mat for a working kitchen will need to be different to that of an office entrance, but both need to be non slip. Our range of non slip mats provide a variety of specialised mats for different purposes to suit all areas and situations of use. Indoors? Outdoors? Heavy footfall? Light traffic? High volume of dirt and water? There’s an anti slip mat to suit your needs.