How to clean coir matting

Written by...Anna Parkinson 04/10/2021

Knowing how to clean coir matting is an essential part of increasing its lifespan as your doormat.

A Note About Outdoor Usage

PVC backed coir mats are NOT designed for external use. Rain will pool on the impermeable PVC backing and soak the coir fibers, causing them to begin to rot. If you do decide to keep your PVC backed coir mat outside and it does become wet, lift it to allow the water to drain away and the mat to dry out. This will help to limit the damage from keeping the mat outside. Keeping your mat indoors and dry where possible is the best way of making it last.

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The Coir Cleaning Process

Mud and wet dirt stains should be left to dry, then removed with a stiff brush. Chewing gum can be removed with a freeze spray.

DO NOT VACUUM. This can pull and unravel the coir which has been twist-piled into the PVC backing, leaving ‘rats tails’ and gaps in the coir. If you do need to vacuum your mat, use the brush attachment on a low power setting.

Coir matting is very absorbent and therefore it is not recommended to saturate when cleaning. Dry foam or cleaning powder should be used to remove any stubborn surface marks.

DO NOT USE SOLVENTS. This will cause the PVC backing to expand and damage the coir fibers leading to pile loss.