How to clean rubber kitchen mats

Written by...Anna Parkinson 02/10/2021

How to clean rubber kitchen mats is an easy question for us to answer for our customers when they ask us. All of our rubber kitchen mats are made from high quality, often recycled, rubber and as a result are hard wearing and easily cleaned. The matting is cleaned and maintained simply by picking up and shaking or sweeping regularly and then washing using a hose or a commercial washing machine if and where required.

It really is as simple as that. Using rubber mats in your commercial kitchen or as a type of utility matting is a great choice. Producing food can be a messy process with oils, other liquids and foodstuffs finding their way onto the floor. As a result, the risk of slips and falls are increased which often become costly for the falling individual and the business. The Health and Safety Executive suggest that slips and falls are the leading causes of injury at the workplace, with the knock on effect of costing businesses productivity, money and even lawsuits. All of which could be avoided simply by using anti slip matting in areas where moisture regularly finds its way onto the floor.

As well as helping to prevent slips and falls, rubber kitchen mats can also act as a cushion of sorts to break the fall of glass bottles and jars, or plates and bowls, which often fall off surfaces. The of course reduces the risk of injuries caused by broken glass too.

Kitchen staff are often on their feet for the full duration of their shifts, and not necessarily afforded the space to fully stretch their legs as it were. Rubber Kitchen Mats have an additional benefit, being anti-fatigue using their ribbed or bobbled surface to help to stimulate circulation and muscle contraction. This in turn helps to reduce pressure build up and stiffness in joints and limbs as well as improving concentration.

Our range of Rubber Kitchen Mats are industry leading and extremely easy to clean and maintain. But moreover, they will help to keep your employees safe and healthy, as well as improving concentration and productivity.