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Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat

£24.99 exc. VAT

  • Holds 2 x Water
  • Multi Direction Traffic
  • Certified High Traction
  • Recyclable
  • Anti Fatigue Effect
  • 60 x 90cm
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Out of stock

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Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat

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    Our Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat is very versatile, its parquet patterned top works to handle traffic from any direction meaning that you can use the mat in either a traditional landscape or a portrait orientation.

    Anti Fatigue Properties

    The flexible rubber blades scrape at shoes to remove dirt and add anti fatigue properties to contribute to the comfort of the user.
    The deep rubber blades also mean that the Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat has a much bigger area to trap dirt and moisture. In fact, it holds twice the amount of dirt and moisture as a normal scraper mat.
    The edges of the mats are beveled to provide an anti-trip border to minimise the risk of slips and falls. The tapered anti trip border is made from the same material as the pile and gives a lovely uniform appearance to the mat.

    High Traction Matting

    The Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat is certified High Traction by National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).
    Ideal for entrances but also kitchens vending areas, break rooms and water fountains too. It keeps working hard even with heavy use.
    It’s designed for use on hard floors and low pile carpets and has a wear-resistant textured backing to help it grip.
    The all-rubber construction makes it super durable and it’s very simple to clean when dirty simply sweep, shake or vacuum to restore its good looks. It can be hosed down or go in a commercial washing machine too.

    Use Any Way Round

    Sized at 60 x 90cm and may be used in both landscape and portrait orientation.

    It is made from natural rubber and is 100% recyclable.

    Why Choose a Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat?

    Because it lasts! Our customers trust us to provide a quality product that will stand the test of time. We never cut corners or substitute inferior materials. Mats from other brands may look similar but they’re definitely not all the same. We take as much pride in every piece of matting we supply as if it were for our own business.

    Need help ordering your Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat?

    Talk to one of our account managers on 020 8183 0142. We are a very friendly team and very knowledgeable about all things mat related. We never pressure you, just seek to understand your business and then recommend the best product for your needs. This may be a Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat, or it could be another product from our range.

    Want more info?

    Take a look at our downloads tab for our Flex2 Multiway Rubber Mat factsheet pack and care guide. If you need advice don’t forget to get in touch.

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    60cm x 90cm

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    Shake out mat regularly to remove loose dirt. Occasionally hose and dry to remove more stubborn dirt.


    Shake out mat regularly to remove loose dirt. Occasionally hose and dry to remove more stubborn dirt.

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