What is the best doormat for outside?

Written by...Anna Parkinson 04/10/2021

“What is the best doormat for outside?” is a common question that we’re asked by our customers. It can be hard to decide which to choose with their being so many options to choose from. However, there is an outdoor doormat perfect for every situation and location. This guide will inform you of which type of outdoor doormat to choose.

Our ProBandPlus Logo Mat is a scraper doormat that can be specialised for indoor or outdoor usage, both customised with your company logo. Outdoors it will expertly scrape dirt from footwear and allow excess moisture to drain away through holes punched into the matting. This functionality is combined with our superior printing process and high quality dyes to ensure colour fastness and a design that will last and promote your brand into the future.

Simply put, our DirtGuard Rubber Logo Mat is the industry leading durable outdoor logo mat. It will handle any amount of dirt or bad weather thrown at it with a breeze. And when dirty, simply clean by washing or hosing down in situ. The raised rubber notches ensure that dirt and water are trapped beneath the walking surface to help prevent slips and falls. The high-quality print ensures brilliant designs that last throughout many cleaning cycles.

Our selection of standard sized rubber doormats are perfect for high footfall areas that may experience high amounts of dirt and moisture. Although all slightly different and specialised, these mats hold up to twice the amount of dirt and moisture as regular matting. These mats are some of our most hard wearing and last the test of time. When dirty simply sweep, shake or vacuum to restore its good looks. It can be hosed down or go in a commercial washing machine too.

Finally, knowing the British weather, absorbent matting is a must. For a purpose made absorbent doormat for high traffic walkways, our WaterShield Absorbent Mat is the industry leader. This matting will soak up 4.5 litres of moisture making it an ideal choice to help reduce cleaning costs and prevent moisture being walked through your entrance area. We have not sacrificed durability for this increased absorbency – it’s super durable and will withstand repeated cleaning and heavy-duty use.